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Set on a ridge in the Andes’ Eastern Foothills, Wildsumaco Lodge has panoramic views reaching across the Rio Pucuno Valley and to the Andes beyond.  On clear days the distant snow-covered heights of Volcanoes Antisana, El Altar and Tungurahua glow white against the brilliant blue sky.  North of the lodge is Sumaco National Park, and often Sumaco Volcano can be seen peeking through the clouds and mist surrounding its heights.

From other parts of our reserve you can look out to the south and east and see Napo Galeras National Park, and let your eyes and imagination wander to the far-off Amazonian lowlands stretching out beyond.  Wildsumaco Lodge is located at a comfortable elevation of about 1480m (4900 feet) and our forest reserve ranges from 1200 to about 1600m (3900 to 4900 feet).

Wildsumaco Lodge  accommodates individuals or private groups, or tour groups. If you’d care to engage the services of either a local or professional bird guide during your stay at Wildsumaco, please inquire when you make your reservations

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