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The Siona Lodge is idyllically situated in one of the last unspoiled native jungles in the Amazon, the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. Ecuador designated the 603.380 square kilometres (2329.7 sq mi) a protected wildlife zone since July 26th, 1979. This positive step forward towards the preservation of part of the Amazon River Basin has allowed the development of this lodge around the idea of low impact eco-tourism, showing you the untouched natural beauty surrounding the lodge.

The Siona Lodge has one of the single most distinctive locations in the reserve, allowing for picturesque sunsets viewed across the large freshwater lake. Much of the wildlife you will see is dependent on the unique ecosystem the lake supports allowing for some rare viewing opportunities.


The Siona Lodge accommodates up to 20 people in four individual guest huts; each hut has 2 double bedrooms each with its own private bathroom and shower. Our spacious balconies complete with a hammock and lounge chairs, invite you to relax and enjoy your surroundings between the excursions.

Room Siona Lodge - Lodges Ecuador
Bar Siona Lodge - Lodges Ecuador


The heart of the Lodge is a spacious dining area. The staff takes pride in its ability to prepare and serve gourmet cuisine in such an isolated location. Great care is taken to ensure fresh, local ingredients are the basis for all recipes so you will enjoy your dining experience as much as you do the unspoiled ambiance of the surrounding jungle. The dining area lounge is equipped with a fully stocked bar so you can enjoy your favorite after-dinner cocktails.


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