about us

The idea of the Hamadryade Lodge is to offer splendor and exclusivity in full Amazon forest. The Lodge was build respecting a balance between nature, comfort and wellbeing of customers.

Is also a luxury hotel built with selected materials that privilege respect for nature and conservation.

At just 5km from Puerto Misahualli, this idyllic Lodge was built inside 65 hectares of primary and secondary rainforest, to offer an unforgettable experience. You will find a space to reawaken your senses, reconnect with nature.

Wellness and relaxation

 Acupuncture
 Massage
 Semi ecological Swimming pool
 Shamanic bath
 Temazcal (steam bath)
 Shamanic cleaning
 Chocolate tours
 Paikawe lagoon
 Ayawaska ceremonies
 Yoga


 Rafting
 Tubbing
 Kayak
 Waterfalls
 Blue lagoons
 Rescue center the Amazonico
 Boat trip
 Fishing
 Rainforest trekking
 Night hike
 Kichwa communities
 Caves
 And much more



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