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Welcome to Hakuna Matata Amazon Lodge, a small hidden paradise in the Ecuador Amazon basin, a special place where nothing is mandatory and everything is possible.

In the heart of Ecuador at just 3 ½ hours from Quito, our lodge is close yet off the beaten path, far away from mainstream tourist routes at a special place that invites you to dream.

If you look for exciting adventures or just want to relax on a hammock in our extended tropical garden, Hakuna Matata is the perfect backdrop for an Amazon jungle experience. You will find an idyllic atmosphere in harmony with nature and best of all mosquito free!. Our comfortable eco cabins offer a friendly and homely environment for you to enjoy the tropical rainforest.


jungler Hakuna Matata lodge - Lodges Ecuador


In addition to our spring water pool we have another exclusive gem, our private sandy beach by the Inchillaqui river. Crystal clear water with the lush jungle as a backdrop create an ideal setting to dip in the natural pools formed by the river. Wadding and bathing in the river is fun, safe and special for both adults and children (should always be supervised by an adult).


Cascades and waterfalls are full of legends and have a magical draw. For many indigenous communities these have a ceremonial value. We are in an amazing area where several waterfalls are easily accessilbe like “Las Latas” which is one of the most accessible and well known in the area. After a beautiful walk you will arrive at this natural paradise and will be able to dip in the swimming hole in its natural waters. There are other waterfalls worth visiting and can be combined with other excursions with variable hiking times. pulvinar dapibus leo.
Cascada Hakuna Matata lodge - Lodges Ecuador
Caves Hakuna Matata lodge - Lodges Ecuador


Close by to Hakuna Matata Amazon lodge you find a complex cave system that are worthwile to be visited. For families we recommend the nearby Jumandi cave, a beautiful option, most important of all, it is easily accesible. For our more adventurous guests we recommend the “ceremony cave” and the “elephant cave”.


The surrounding area and the grounds of Hakuna Matata are a true paradise for birdwatchers and ornithologists. Just in the area nearby Hakuna Matata a massive 210 species have been registered, sightings include: Tangaras, Robins, Hummingbirds, Toucans, Oropendulas, Woodpeckers, Vultures, Papagayos and falcons amongst other species. If you are keen on birding, we can organize a private tour with a specialized guide.
Birding Hakuna Matata lodge - Lodges Ecuador
Horses Hakuna Matata lodge - Lodges Ecuador


We are the only Amazon lodge in Ecuador that keeps a stable with horses. We offer different horse excursions suitable for both beginners and experts, also suited for families with children. Even if you have not ridden before you can take this opportunity to enjoy a beautiful ride in the jungle , crossing rivers and exploring different trails. We have a well kept group of creole horses. The wellbeing of the animals and safety of our guests is our priority, for this reason our rides are guided and supervised by our horse caretaker and guide.


An entertaining activity for the entire family. Learn the process of preparing chocolate from the being to the bar. You will learn the details of growing cocoa beans, the traditional drying and grinding process and will be able to participate hands on. The reward at the end of the workshop is enjoying the chocolate you have made.
Chocolate Hakuna Matata lodge - Lodges Ecuador
Kayak Hakuna Matata lodge - Lodges Ecuador


For kayaking fans we offer bespoke trips on a private basis. The Ecuador Amazon offers a variety of kayakable rivers amongst a beautiful scenery with rapids for all levels of skill.



Enjoy a fantastic whitewater adventure on the rivers of the Amazon basin. Enjoy the exotic lush greenery as you paddle the headwaters of the mighty Amazon. Our journey starts on the upper part of the Napo river (level 3/3+), the adventure lasts around 5 hours enjoying rapids, naturally formed pools and the amazing scenery. Mid journey we will stop on the riverbanks for a picnic lunch. Of course, top equipment and world class internationally certified guides are leading the trip.
Rafting Hakuna Matata lodge - Lodges Ecuador


Less than 125 miles away from Quito you will find our homelike Lodge nested in a lush surrounding including a tropical garden and a private protected forest and beach on the river. Due to the short distance to Ecuador’s capital you are able to enjoy a complete jungle experience, but in a classy way – our unique location at about 2,000 feet above sea level means there are no tropical diseases and no mosquitoes – ideal terms for a family trip with kids or for your first journey to the jungle. This program offers you a superb time with the highlights of the Amazon rainforest – wildlife, plants, rivers and culture – “Experience the Luxury of Nature”.

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