Exploring the great biodiversity of Ecuador

Ecuador is one small country located in Sud America with a total area of 283.56 km squares, the Andes Cordillera crosses it from the north to the south and divides it in natural regions: the Oriente or Amazon Basin, Sierra or Highlands, Litoral or Coast, and additional the Galapagos Islands, 4 regions that gives the name of “Ecuador the country of the four worlds”.

Ecuador has a unique and singular topography, which creates a diversity of climatic zones, and a great diversity of plant and animal species, definitely it has the great biodiversity with 2% of the Amazon Rainforest lies within Ecuador’s borders in the foothills of the Andes.

The Cloud forests where grows trees no so tall and home a great variety of birds, hummingbirds and flowers such us orchids too. Some tropical forests along the coastal region home of some ecosystems and the mangrove swamps. And Galapagos unique for its endemic species such as the big tortoises that gives the name of the Islands. Explore the 4 regions could be possible in short time and enjoy the magic of the diversity of Ecuador.

rainforest lodges

A network of tributaries stem from Cuyabeno’s Rio Aguarico and Rio Cuyabeno and parades of wildlife follow the rivers as they flow into the reserve’s 14 lagoons. Watch out for giant armadillos, freshwater dolphins, tapirs, monkeys, land tortoises and parrots. The flora blooms and thrives from joltingly colorful fruits and splashy flowers to enormous green leaves and fronds. The park also encloses the homelands of various Indigenous communities, such as the Siona, Secoya and Shuar.


It is located on the lower part of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, with cabins built in the traditional Indian style of the jungle.


Jamu means Armadillo, is a privately owned lodge located in the incredible ecosystem of Cuyabeno


The Siona Lodge has the best and one of the single most distinctive locations in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve


Welcome to your Amazon Jungle adventure! Tailored and authentic Cuyabeno Tours by Tapir Lodge take you to a journey deep into the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve.


Cuyabeno Lodge is the first eco-friendly lodge built in the Cuyabeno National Park. We are the pioneers in offering Cuyabeno tours to visitors from all over the world.


We are a small lodge in the magical Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve in Ecuador. We love the amazon rain forest and our goal is it to share our passion for the amazon jungle with our guests in a sustainable and responsible way.

rainforest lodges

Along the lower Rio Napo are nature reserves, mission towns and the immense Yasuni National Park located. From small comfortable lodges you can start your exploration of this river country, with the Tiputini, Nashiño, Cononaco, Yasuni and other tributaries coursing through the park’s enormous expanse. Explore the major habitats of dry land, sometimes-flooded land and always-flooded land and watch out for their many habitants: boa constrictors, alligators, jaguars, parrots, toucans, piranhas, monkeys and sloths are just a few of the animals that share Yasuni’s abundance.


One of the first Amazon rainforest lodges in Ecuador, La Selva was completely remodeled in 2012 and has since become the premier eco lodge in the Ecuadorian Amazon


This is a mesmerizing place unlike any other Our facility is the only one of its kind located within the vibrant heart of one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on our plane


The Lodge blends so seamlessly into its surroundings that to the resident wildlife it’s just another part of the forest. Watch giant otters duck, dive and call to each other as you eat breakfast; monkeys chattering outside your balcony.


We guarantee that all the visitors have a Real Cultural Experience with wildlife and enjoying wonderful times with the community. The perfect opportunity to be in a Truly Primary Rainforest full of incredible and varied wildlife.


Try our traditional cuisine and share ancestral rites like the Wayusada Ceremony or the Kichwa Catamaran which emulates our trade routes along the river.


Located in primary rainforest in the buffer zone adjacent to the vast Yasuni National Park, Eden Lodge is in one of the most bio-diverse and wildlife-rich regions of the planet.

RIVER lodges

The area along the upper Rio Napo provides a perfect opportunity to get a first glimpse of the dense rainforest without departing from civilization. You can drive to most of the lodges, though sometimes a short canoe ride for the last tranche of the journey is necessary. Most tours include canoe excursions as well as exploratory hikes passing waterfalls and squadrons of birds. Learn about the many medicinal plants of the rainforest and how to use them and listen to the jungle relaxing in your hammock after a long day of exploration.


Experience Ecuador's Amazon in a comfortable way. Our unique Amazon Lodge is located in the upper Amazon basin overlooking the majestic Napo River.


Offering a swimming pool and an outdoor restaurant, Itamandi Eco Lodge is located in Río Arajuno. It features free breakfast, lunch and dinner.


The combination of a rustic design, careful adaptation and respect for the environment implemented with world class standards.


Satiate your curiosity for the Amazon rainforest, have fun and relax with friends and family in one of the most established jungle lodges in Ecuador


Hamadryade Lodge is a luxurious hotel located in the High Amazon region, near Puerto Misahualli. We are at 500mts altitude with hills and small mountains.


Shandía is located in Talag on the edge of the Amazon surrounded by the Jatun Yacu and Talag rivers, beautifully established in the center of the Huasila and Rimak Urku hills.

Huasquila Amazon Lodge

Huasquila is the perfect destination to discover the Ecuadorian Amazon in a short time. Located only 3 hours from Quito´s airport and with a private transportation service from the hotel or airport to Huasquila.


This is a how-to of penetrating an evergreen mass of diversity spread out kilometers on end across the Amazon Basin: the spellbinding tropical rainforest. As we can see from above, nature tells us the best way is to travel its silt-clad veins into what may seem uniform, but is the epitome of change and diversity. This most inspiring journey will include a myriad unexpected possibilities and the surprising forest visions of magical flooded forests, untamed wilds within the Yasuni National Park (the largest national park in Ecuador), and the quiet stills of Pañacocha (Piranha Lake), as we climb up canopy observation towers, inch down black-water jungle streams, walk the understory through meandering trails and meet the sacred peoples of the Amazon forest base.


Join us on board and discover unforgettable experiences into the endless heart of biodiversity on a carefully - designed vessel set to explore of the Ecuadorian Amazon..


Visit remote ecosystems that few have had the opportunity to experience while enjoying the comforts, commodities and services of a 5-star boutique river hotel


The Cloud Forest is the perfect place for adventure, relaxation and discovery of the birds of a cloud forest and the diversity of plant life. In this area, we will encounter many swarms of mixed birds, including the tanganos, flycatchers and various types of toucans. Due to the diversity of the fauna, it will even be possible to see hummingbirds.

sachatamia LODGE

The natural paradaise of Sachatamia offers an undisturbed world where guests can escape from noise, pollution and stress imposed by larger cities.

mashpi LODGE

Mashpi Lodge like a cathedral to the natural world, it protrudes from the verdant hillside, holding unknown comforts and pleasures within.


Las Cuevas Terra Lodge is the only cave hotel in Ecuador with a 5-stars rating. It is undoubtedly an innovative place full of history and myth


Kapari is located in a special place over the cliff of Río Blanco, a biological corridor full of nature with a mountain.


The Cloud Forest is the perfect place for adventure, relaxation and discovery of the birds of a cloud forest and the diversity of plant life. In this area, we will encounter many swarms of mixed birds, including the tanganos, flycatchers and various types of toucans. Due to the diversity of the fauna, it will even be possible to see hummingbirds.


Wildsumaco Lodge has panoramic views reaching across the Rio Pucuno Valley and to the Andes beyond. On clear days the distant snow-covered heights of Volcanoes.

SAn isidro LODGE

San Isidro lies right between two large national parks. Amazing cuisine,primary forest trails, birding, and archaeology are some of the activities waiting for you here!

el monte LODGE

One of the best ways to describe El Monte is that we are “unique”, mostly because of our environmental philosophy and personal touches.

tandayapa bird LODGE

The odge comprises of a main building. The main lodge has been designed with convenience in mind;there is no need to hike between your rooms and the dining area

bellavistA LODGE

Bellavista is a dream come true, not just for us, but for every nature lover and bird-watcher whose imagination is stimulated by the idea of a Cloud Forest.


Guango Lodge, located near the paramo and hot springs of Papallacta, is a paradise for hummingbird lovers and photographers. Scenic vistas and a variety of trails.

galapagos LODGES

The Galapagos Islands are world famous for their incredible fearless and unique wildlife. Here you can swim with sea lions, float eye to eye with a marine turtle, stand next to a blue footed booby feeding its young, watch a giant tortoise close by in its natural habitat and try to avoid stepping on iguanas scurrying over the lava.

The Galapagos Islands are a dream destination for wilderness and wildlife enthusiasts where you can actually experience natural history.The Galapagos Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean at the equator line some 1000km from mainland Ecuador. Due to its isolated location a unique ecosystem has developed here while at the same time the human presence has been kept to a minimum. Recently in the last 50 years tourism has grown providing small but comfortable lodges at untouched beaches and in little harbor towns. Five of the Islands are inhabited, but only four of them offer lodge accommodation: Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, Isabela and Floreana.
Please find details for the best value lodges on the website below and feel free to contact your travel consultant for availabilities in the lodge of your choice. Gladly we also organize transfers between the airport and your lodge as well as between the islands in small boats and airplanes.

Finch Bay Ecolodge

The perfect complement to a Galapagos cruise, or a destination on its own, a stay at the Finch Bay allows you to feel the islands’ essence.


the Red Mangrove blends in naturally with a surrounding mangrove forest while offering the most pleasant views of Academy Bay available on Santa Cruz


At Galapagos Safari Camp we invite you to enjoy an authentic and fulfilling experience during your Galapagos Island vacation, surrounded by breathtaking views.

Pikaia Lodge

physically active and adventurous traveler, who seeks close contact with the unique natural wonders of the Galapagos, with the highest level of comfort and services

Scalesia Lodge

Scalesia Galapagos Lodge is located in the highlands of Isabela, about 20 minutes from Puerto Villamil in the middle of a magical forest with a spectacular view

Chez Manany

The eco lodge is located outside the small town of Puerto Villamil on Isabela Island on the Galapagos archipelago, next to a mangrove area protected


The Royal Palm Hotel is a small, privately-owned estate, which sits in the lush Miconia highland forests of Santa Cruz Island.


This is the place where you can find extensive beaches full of sun and the best waves to surf with seas of different shades of blue, historic cities with friendly people, the cuisine of this region has a great reputation for its delicious dishes with fresh seafood. The Ecuadorian coast offers exciting adventures in a region bathed by the Pacific Ocean.

Mantaraya Lodge

We have combined exciting excursions that bring you close to nature and local communities with our peaceful and cozy accommodations.


Panacoche Lodge & Reserve welcomes all of you, and especially those who want to escape from the stressful daily life, enjoy the beautiful Manabí coast side.

Mandala Lodge

Mandála Inn, right on the beach, offers you an environment of peace and tranquillity. We have a restaurant and bar, tourist information services in 5 languages

Sanctuary Lodge

The Lodge is located at the north of Puerto Cayo, the property is at the feet of the Pacific Ocean. The different areas are decorated with works of abstract art pyrographied over wood.


Come to Tanusas and we'll take care of you, your mind and your body. Enjoy massages and treatments at our Spa, relax and unwind as you please. This is your sanctuary to enjoy.



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Nature At Your Service

Keep Calm & visit The Rainforest

Turn a cloudy day into something beautiful

The real enjoyment is on the beach, in the encounter with water and with the way in which sand heals the soul

Make time to discover the wonders of the animal and plant kingdom evolving on the Galapagos archipelago



    “Dracaena Lodge is definitely the place to go. We had the most incredible 5 days”                                                                                                                                                                                                         Toneya

    Our guides were absolutely great. They were extremely knowledgeable of the jungle flora and fauna and were great “teachers”. They made the experience very interesting and educational. We learned so much about the indigenous tribal cultures, the birds, snakes, monkeys, animals, insects, fresh water dolphins, fish, etc                                                                          


    “The rooms are amazing. Really cute huts with hammocks and super comfortable beds with mosquito nets. The activities are awesome as well including night jungle walk, boat tours hunting for crocodiles, and piraña fishing. I never wanted to leave. Everything about this place is so amazing, you have to go!”                                                                                                                                                                        kaykay


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